CCDW-SEALSo you’ve made the decision to get your CCDW. Well as of last year Kentucky has made it a bit quicker to get you out there carrying by offering their online application. I believe KY was the first to introduce this process and having gone through it myself I would like to share my experience. This process is significantly quicker than the paper process!

After you’ve taken the CCDW class you will receive a letter in the mail a few days to a few weeks later. This letter will contain your certificate of completion for your CCDW class. You will need to scan (or take a high-res photo) of this certificate for the online application.

To get to the online application page you will need to go to:

On the application you will be asked to upload the certificate of completion and upload a photo for your permit. You will then pay the application fee of $40 + $10 (online application fee) and submit the form. You do have to pay an extra $10 (at the time I went through this, it may be more or less now) but it is a lot quicker. I received a reply saying that my license had been issued the same day, within a few hours at that!

This paper process can take a few months, and the online process can take as little as a few hours! This is a much better experience in my opinion. Granted, you will have to wait about a week to receive your permit (will arrive at your Sheriff’s dept.) but still you cut the time down to a fraction of what it would’ve taken had you mailed everything in. Once you permit arrives at the Sheriff’s department you will go into pick it up and pay the $20 fee to your Sheriff’s department.

The process was very smooth and I hope other states follow suit.